Monday, November 3, 2008

Only Nader Is Right

Those on the left who back Obama, although they disagree with much of what he promotes, believe they are choosing the practical over the moral. They see themselves as political realists. They fear John McCain and the Republicans. They believe Obama is better for the country. They are right. Obama is better. He is not John McCain. There will be under Obama marginal improvements for some Americans although the corporate state, as Obama knows, will remain our shadow government and the working class will continue to descend into poverty. Democratic administrations have, at least until Bill Clinton, been more receptive to social programs that provide benefits, better working conditions and higher wages. An Obama presidency, however, will make no difference to those in the Middle East.

Continue reading about one man's reason to vote Nader at Truthdig.

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Matt Schmidt said...

If, as Chris Hedges suggests, Nader would win in a landslide if this election were all about the issues, couldn't he bother to run and win in the Democratic Primary?