Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dogfish Head Extravaganza!

A while back I gave two short reviews on beers that I enjoy very much. I said I'd follow up on it and like most things I left it in a corner to gather dust. However, I'm happy to say I'm finally blowing off the dust and putting it on display again with a couple more additions:

Black & Blue

Dogfish Head Breweries.

If you know me then you know my love of Dogfish Head's brewings. In the last review I talked a bit about 60 Minute IPA and it's complex nature. Well, not to put it to shame but Black and Blue blows it out of the water.

To be fair, Black and Blue is a fruit beer so it can't exactly be compared with 60 Minute IPA. The
thing is it's an occasional rarity so finding it makes me extremely excited enough to want to put it ahead of most beers I drink fallaciously. Basically Black and Blue is a mix of fermented Blackberries and Blue berries. While the berries used are very dark and blue in color the beer isn't as blue as the glass that young gent is holding in his hand above. The taste however....WOW....i'd definitely say it's the best fruit beer I've had. Period. The alcohol is hidden quite nicely considering its 10% ABV and the fruit really comes through and doesn't mesh with the beer at all. One thing about it though is that it's hard to distinguish between the black and blue berries when sipping it but that didn't stop me from killing an entire bottle in one evening. Hell, I even liked it more than Dogfish Head's Fort, which most fans of Dogfish Head seem to like more.

World Wide Stout

Amazing. That's the best way to describe this one of a kind stout. No, wait. Strong. Okay, there are actually two ways to describe it. On second thought....It's also dark as fucking midnight in medieval london! The point is I could go on dishing out positive attributes of this beer. Why? I'm a stout lover; that's why.

Dogfish Head has truly worked their magic with this beer to make it smooth and flavorful as a stout should be. In my Guinness review I stated how I loved it because there wasn't a taste of alcohol. The only taste you had was the malts and fermentation and MITHRA is it delicious. Well, World Wide Stout puts Guinness to shame (GASP!). Two reasons: complex taste and alcohol content. Let me try to explain.

First off, it's important to note that when it comes down to price and availability I won't be drinking many of these. World Wide Stout is an occasional rarity much like Black and Blue. The stuff also sells for a wicked $10 for EACH 12 ounce bottle. So far I've only had two and that's probably all I'll end up having during this batch's roll out. Let me stress to you (if I haven't already enough) this IS a fucking kick you in the ass good stout! It's flavor has so many notes and hints that listing it would go on for a quite awhile. A few to note though are chocolate, coffee, black cherry, chicory, concurrent, etc. It blows my mind! As a double whammy these tastes not only over power your senses but they help to prevent the alcohol from over powering your taste. At 18% + that's pretty damn hard to do.

This beer is a sipper and I think you can understand why. It will be your stout if you love stouts. If you don't like stouts you'll believe you have just wasted $10. If that's the case send that shit to me even if the bottles been open. I love it that much!

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