Thursday, August 6, 2009

This is my Religion [repost from Facebook]

I consider myself to be agnostic in the strictest sense of the word. The reason being: I only know as much as our senses tell us. Hold on because it's not as clear cut as that.

Humans have achieved so much in their short History on this planet. I'm still in wonder about how we can dream up an invention, medicine, procedure, story, art, technology, etc and create it with enough effort, time, and care. The ability to create anything at will is god-like and I for one am very satisfied with the stance that we ourselves are gods in our right. We may not be omniscient, omni-benevolent, omni-present but we're working on all these areas. Look how far we've come since our lowly beginnings. We are evolving into the very beings we worshiped for 1000s of years. We dreamed of beings high in the sky that gave us rain, love, better living, power, etc when all along we had these abilities all along within us just waiting to explode to the outside.

For this reason I worship no being but humanity. Through humanity I have seen a great many triumphs occur in making our lives better. I pray to no being but to humanity. Humanity has given us communication by which we can talk to anyone across the globe and far beyond. I have no faith in any being but humanity. Humans require large amounts faith in their ability to peacefully co-exist and co-habitate or else demise is their fate. I seek no salvation except from that of humans. Humans have always been there for me in the realest sense possible and I cherish it completely from each and everyone of them. I await no afterlife except that of the next life of the next human. The progress of humans depends on us carrying on with the next advancement that will make our lives better for the next generation of us.

The last of these is extremely important and I want to emphasis to everyone that we must all do our part in giving the gift of a life even better than of the ones humans enjoy in majority today (and hopefully eventually everyone).

Gods, goddesses, It's have served us well throughout our tenure on this planet and I thank them for their service in giving us an enlightened view of how we can live together and make the world a real heaven on Earth through peace and understanding. Like any good tool though we must only use it when it's necessary and not clutter up our work bench with things that will confuse our overall goals. These beings that were once very useful to our progress seem to be relics of a past life that didn't enjoy the ability to live so richly. Times in centuries past were dark and dreary and required some sort of 'force' to believe in to make sense of why life was so miserable. That time is slowly approaching a complete fade out.

Times are still tough but the optimistic of humans have seen the light and the light is human ingenuity. I can think of no better happiness and atonement then one where humans themselves eradicate disease, pain, and hunger. We can only do this if our minds our set to a life dedicated to worshiping human kind and spending it's love to the other walks of life as well.

So some may be asking how I'm agnostic when it seems clear that I've cast off any sort of notion of needing a god-source. fair enough. Let me explain.

Humans also have a dark side to them. This side has the potential to make life on Earth a living Hell. These humans want nothing better than to spread their short-sighted ideas and beliefs unto everyone in the world or have them face a damnation according to their will. This worries me. All that we've striven to achieve could be crushed very shortly and fast by one or a group of individuals whom care more about getting people in line with their belief system
or ideas. Most of my friends and acquaintances know me as a very big peacenik however when it comes to fighting ignorance and hate you better believe I'm as militaristic as they come. I'm glad to be fighting a war against discrimination, intolerance, and overall judgment and i won't stop until the world sees it as a set goal to stop fighting over nonsense and get together and make a world safe and enjoyable for everyone.

So yeah, you're damned right I'm agnostic. I'm agnostic in the belief that we can be gods but i'm not quite sure at this point due to the destruction I'm seeing from some of my fellow tribesmen.

Here's to me having complete faith in humanity and believing in it. Won't you please pray with me and help us seek salvation in ourselves?

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