Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fooled You (Obama supporter)!

Obama's set for election night in Chicago. His donors get front row seats to his speech on election night. News Cameras everywhere capturing the moment up close and personal.

not so fast.

You'll get front row seats if you were a top donor (no, not all you who donated small amounts that the campaign loves to whore out and speak highly of).

Press corps who shell out 935 dollars will get the best camera areas and views along with a tent internet cable tv, and food. Wow, is that all necessary? and since when did obama's campaign NEED money?

Of course if you're not willing to pay any money or are a small donor you could always stand by the bicycle racks where you might make out an ant that represents obama.

click here for more on the obama's election night specifics.


Matt Schmidt said...

Dear not very smart lefty, please enjoy this interview with Howard Zinn.


Marc Eriksen said...

will do attack-a-persons-character leftist :)