Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mr. Zinn's Reversal

I just received an e-mail from the Nader campaign about Howard Zinn:

Howard Zinn now says he's voting for Nader.

The famous historian lives in Massachusetts, where Obama is ahead by 20 points.

Zinn created a stir earlier when he said he was voting for Obama.

He legitimately took some heat for supporting the corporate Obama.

But late last night, Zinn admitted in an e-mail to our campaign that he made a mistake and now says he will vote for Nader.

And Zinn urges all people of conscience to vote for the true progressive in slam dunk states.

Of which there are now many.

(Zinn says that in non slam dunk states, he urges people to vote for Obama. We obviously disagree with that bit of advice.)

Or as Ralph Nader put it today:

"A vote for Nader/Gonzalez on November, rather than being wasted by piling onto an Obama landslide or McCain implosion, will produce a stronger hammer and watchdog for what millions of Americans want -- including public Medicare for all with private delivery and a living wage for the one in three workers who don't make one."

"Unless millions of voters of conscience choose the progressive hammer and watchdog of Nader/Gonzalez, millions of votes will be tactically wasted and serve only to increase the mandateless landslide of Barack Obama."

So, if you are ambivalent about this election, fear not.

If you live in a slam dunk state, follow the advice of Howard Zinn.

Vote Independent.

Vote Nader for President.

Onward to November

The Nader Team


Matt Schmidt said...

Ralph Nader's recurrent candidacy is the punchline to an old joke. I can't believe you're still swept up in this buffoonery.

Only a fool would continue to assert that there is no difference between the two parties. Voting "your conscience" is a luxury that those of us in the real world do not have.

A vote for Nader is mere intellectual masterbation.

Marc Eriksen said...

You think this is masturbation? Just wait until 2012!

I'm getting ready to BLOW the load all over the place!